Satsuma Segments

Short, sharp, snappy courses

We recognise that for some businesses – particularly start ups with little budget – investing in PR can seem daunting. You know you need it, but the outlay is overwhelming when you are trying to find your feet.

That’s why we created Satsuma Segments – offering SMEs an affordable communications boost to navigate marketing, PR and social media management until they are ready to commit to an external provider.

But our segments are not just restricted to those of you who are new to business. 

They also offer established companies a chance to upskill members of the team or invest in a little refresher course in an area which is a bit rusty.

Supercharge your comms 

All our courses are delivered virtually, and you can choose from a one-on-one option or book in a group.

Pricing is transparent. A one-on-one course costs £200 and lasts for 1.5 hours. 

A group booking is £60 per person for a minimum of five people and lasts two hours to accommodate a longer Q&A. 

Every participant will receive a takeaway toolkit and a certificate of attendance.

To book or to request any additional training elements, email