Crisis Communications

Let’s start with what this is not. Crisis communications is nothing to do with preventing a crisis.

While we would love to be able to wrap you and your business up in cotton wool and prevent you ever facing a disaster scenario – there isn’t a PR professional in the world who can achieve this.

It doesn’t matter how much you plan or how well you prepare, nobody can control news in an internet age. And none of us can predict the unpredictable – as a worldwide pandemic demonstrated.

So, if this service doesn’t prevent catastrophe, then what is it for?

Crisis communications is about how you respond if something does go wrong. It’s the words you say and the actions you take that protect you and your business reputation, minimising the damage caused. 

And this is where we excel.

This is because we work with clients prior to – and during – crises to put robust systems in place making sure operations are efficient in stressful circumstances.

We also have all the skills you need to ride a media storm that, we know, can be cruel and unforgiving if not handled with care. 


So how does it work?

A media crisis can happen to any businesses, whatever the sector and whatever the size.

We are living in a world where social media is increasingly dominant and we have a 24/7, multi-platform news operation often allowing small stories to take on a life of their own.

So we help protect a business when the rumour mill churns, the accusations start flying or there’s a monumental iceberg in the way – by managing what is said, how it’s said, when it’s said and where we are saying it.

This support can include overseeing social media output, writing statements, training staff to handle challenging questions, and putting in place a plan for recovery.

We act quickly and proactively and, because most of our team are media law-trained former journalists, we add value because we know how a story will be spun. 

This team will work through the worst-case scenarios, help plan messages and statements to protect you and your business and give you suggestions on how to manage the media.

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