Two new segments join Satsuma’s social media team

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Two new segments have joined us here at Satsuma – bringing creativity and exciting new perspectives with them. 

We recently welcomed Kayley Flatt and Gemma Kent to the team, joining our existing experts who work remotely around the country, from Ipswich, Nottingham, Manchester, and West Yorkshire. 

Social Media Executive Kayley, who has five years’ experience in social media management and marketing, has packed an impressive amount of top quality work into her initial years in the industry. Kayley has worked on a wide range of projects in both the hospitality and charity sectors. 

She said: “I really enjoy working in social media as it allows me to express myself creatively in order to create exciting content for clients. I love that you can connect to people anywhere in the world about anything – the power of social media is immense and I like being a small part of that. I also like that things are continuously changing – it keeps the job interesting and there are constantly opportunities to learn new things.  

“My first few weeks at Satsuma have been amazing! I have gone from working in a very small team to having lots of other fun and creative people to bounce ideas off and collab with – it’s exciting! I’m already receiving really positive feedback from the team about my client work and I’m looking forward to my future with Satsuma.” 

Satsuma apprentice Gemma graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in French. She then spent more than a decade in the editorial department of a B2B magazine publisher, before a personal connection led her to start establishing a social media presence for some local pubs. 

“For me, the best part of working in social media is that it’s never dull – things are always changing, and it’s exciting seeing real people respond to your work,” said Gemma. 

“Everyone at Satsuma has been amazingly welcoming and helpful, and their remote working style means I can get stuck in and enjoy the job without worrying about boring things like the daily commute and childcare!” 

These two new additions to the Satsuma Group team (a full break down of which can be found here) mean the team now consists of a total of 13 members and a core team of eight. Six of those eight are mothers who benefit from Satsuma’s wonderfully flexible working arrangements. 

To find out more about Satsuma Group and the work we do, visit the website at 

New members of the Satsuma team posing outside with orange umbrellas

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