Spotlight on social media: Amplifying the reach of theatre productions

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If you are local to Suffolk, you may have spotted some social media posts recently promoting the latest Company of Four production. Here, Our Managing Director Ellen Widdup explains how we manage the promotion of such shows through the power of organic content alone – with sell out results.

We have been working with the Company of Four for two years now, managing their social media pages to engage new and existing audiences, generate buzz, and promote productions that have included serious plays such as Goodnight Mister Tom through to musical productions of Sister Act and Little Shop of Horrors and a range of pantomimes. Oh no you haven’t. Oh yes, we have!

In today’s digital age, social media has revolutionised the way we communicate, connect, and consume content – and for the theatre industry it is, without a doubt – the single most powerful tool to enhance visibility, drive ticket sales, and foster a sense of community among theatre enthusiasts. So how do we do it?

Building anticipation and excitement

Social media platforms offer dynamic channels to build anticipation and excitement around upcoming productions. Through teaser trailers, behind-the-scenes photos, and interactive content, theatre companies can pique audience interest and generate buzz long before the curtain rises. By strategically leveraging hashtags, tagging relevant influencers, and engaging with followers, theatre shows can create a buzzworthy online presence that fuels anticipation and drives ticket sales.

Fostering engagement and interaction

One of the most significant benefits of social media for theatre PR is its ability to foster meaningful engagement and interaction with audiences. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter enable theatre companies to initiate conversations, respond to inquiries, and cultivate relationships with fans in real-time. Whether it’s hosting Q&A sessions with cast members, sharing audience reactions, or running interactive polls and competitions, social media facilitates two-way communication that deepens audience engagement and fosters a sense of connection.


Amplifying word-of-mouth marketing

Social media amplifies the impact of word-of-mouth marketing, enabling audiences to share their experiences, recommendations, and excitement about theatre shows with their networks. User-generated content, such as audience reviews, photos, and videos, serves as powerful endorsements that influence others’ perceptions and decisions. By encouraging audiences to share their theatre-going experiences on social media and providing shareable content, theatre shows can harness the collective influence of their fans to reach new audiences and extend the show’s reach far beyond the confines of the theatre walls.

Targeted advertising and promotion

Social media platforms offer sophisticated targeting capabilities that enable theatre companies to reach specific audience segments with tailored advertising and promotional campaigns. Whether it’s targeting users based on demographics, interests, or past theatre attendance, social media advertising allows theatre shows to efficiently allocate marketing budgets and maximise ROI. By delivering personalised content and promotions directly to relevant audiences, theatre shows can increase visibility, drive ticket sales, and optimise campaign performance in real-time.

Building a community

Beyond promoting individual productions, social media plays a crucial role in building a community of theatre enthusiasts and fostering advocacy for the performing arts. Theatre-focused groups, forums, and communities on platforms like Facebook and Reddit provide spaces for fans to connect, share recommendations, and discuss their love of theatre. By actively participating in these communities, engaging with influencers, and supporting other theatre-related initiatives, theatre shows can cultivate loyal fan bases and ambassadors who champion their productions and contribute to the broader cultural conversation around theatre.

Meet our Social Media whizz on this account!

Kayley Flatt is a superb social media executive and junior graphic designer who has a wealth of experience working for clients across a range of different sectors.

Her work has seen her take social media accounts from 100 followers to 10,000 followers through organic content alone and her creative eye has helped her develop campaigns with graphic, video and photography elements that have resulted in epic impressions and engagement.

At Satsuma Kayley works on clients including McDonalds where she uses her superb TikTok skills to engage with younger audiences, Hydrogen Energy Association where she grew the LinkedIn account by 110% in just four weeks and on Company of Four where her eye for design really shines through!

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