Crushing New Years Resolution in 2024: What would the best version of yourself do?

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Happy New Year everyone, 2024 is here! And so is Beth Moody, our intern, to speak to you about the importance of setting goals this year for yourself and your business.

Hooray! We’ve survived another trip around the sun. Congrats to us! Now, let’s talk about infamous New Year’s resolutions. I know, I know, they often get a bad rap for being abandoned faster than a sinking ship. But hold your eye rolls, because 2024 is the year we turn the resolution game on its head. Let 2024 be the year to become a go-getter!

So, picture this: it’s the 1st January and I’m sitting on the sofa reflecting on the extra box of celebrations I indulged in over the Christmas season. Typical, right? But this year, I decided it’s time to break free from the cycle of the half-hearted resolution. Why? Because goals aren’t just for gym memberships; they’re the secret ingredient to a successful year.

Whether you’re an individual or a business mogul plotting world domination (in a non-evil-genius way, of course), setting goals is like giving yourself a roadmap. Sure, the satnav might throw in a detour or two, but having that destination in mind keeps you on track.

First, let’s talk personal goals. I’m not saying we need to morph into fitness gurus and become the next Joe Wicks overnight, or suddenly become a culinary wizard like Nigella Lawson (although, not burning a boiled egg would be a great start for me). It’s about small, meaningful changes. Want to read more? Start with a chapter a day. Instead of scrolling on Instagram or TikTok before bed, put your phone down and pick up your book instead. Dreaming of becoming a plant parent? Start with a cactus – they’re like the goldfish of the plant world.

When I struggle with motivation and self-discipline, I often ask myself: What would the best version of myself do? I imagine my best self and think about what I can do now that will get me to that future version. And let me tell you, it works.

Now, for business, goals are the secret sauce to success. Sure, you’ve got that killer product or service, but without a roadmap, you might end up in a metaphorical ditch. Want to boost your social media platform? Set targets. Start small and build up. And above all, stick with them. Eyeing global domination? Outline those expansion plans. Step by step. It’s like playing chess, but with fewer black-and-white squares.

And let’s not forget about the power of accountability. Share your resolutions and goals with a friend, a colleague, or even your dog if they’re a good listener. It’s like having your own personal cheerleaders, minus the pom-poms.

So here’s to 2024 – the year we don’t just make resolutions but crush them with the finesse of a pancake flipper on a Sunday morning. Whether you’re aiming for washboard abs or a six-figure business, let’s make this year the stuff of legend.

Cheers to goals, growth, and the unstoppable force that is you!

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