5 Minutes With The Team – Ashton

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Name: Ashton

Job Role: Social Media Manager

When did you start working at Satsuma? I started in March 2022!

What’s the industry skill you’re most proud of? Definitely my ability to create great organic social media using a platform’s inbuilt tools like hashtags, alongside creating engaging and eye-catching content. I’ve won awards for my organic content before, and it’s brilliant being able to provide this for clients as it’s an effective marketing strategy and cheaper than targeted ad campaigns!

What are your key responsibilities? I help compile strategies for clients, create copy and graphics for social media channels, and liaise with clients to make sure they’re happy! I also make reports at the end of every month, breaking down social media performance for clients so they can get an overview of how things are doing on their social channels. 

Who is your favourite Satsuma client to work with and why? BrewHaHa! I manage the social media for three different pubs within the company, which means there’s plenty of variation when it comes to content, and I love a good pub myself which always helps! As a client, BrewHaHa always have fun stuff going on – I get to talk about what’s on the cocktail menus, all the amazing specialty gins at The Angel pub, quiz nights, and open mic nights. All of the pubs are dog friendly too which means I sometimes get to post adorable photos of dogs!

Share a career highlight since you’ve been working at Satsuma… The biggest highlight for me working at Satsuma so far, is being able to work as part of such a fantastic team! Before joining Satsuma, I had been working on a freelance basis for three years, so it’s been refreshing having people to talk to and bounce ideas off.

What’s in your mug while you’re at your desk? A flat white from my Dulce Gusto machine! When I run out of pods for my machine, I use instant coffee and coffee mate powder – everyone else seems to think this is a terrible combination, but I love it!  

What are you doing when you’re not working? Probably cuddling the cat or playing video games! I am obsessed with League of Legends – I actually met my boyfriend through League while we were both playing! 

Other than that, I love to go walking and I’m really lucky that there are plenty of beautiful countryside spots and beaches to explore where I live. Live gigs and concerts are another thing I really enjoy, and I’m a total ‘yes-man’ so will agree to go to anything, as long as the music is good. This means I end up going to all kinds of different events from heavy metal, folk, to classical orchestras! 

Favourite book: To Kill A Mockingbird. I was forced to read it at school but it turns out I absolutely adore it. Now, I have multiple copies because mine fell apart from reading them so much!

Another favourite is a book called Station Eleven which is a bit more obscure. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where a travelling show go round to different settlements performing Shakespeare plays. The book gets really dark, and I would describe it as heartbreakingly beautiful.

Favourite film: I’m not sure I have an all-time favourite. At the moment I am loving Encanto for the amazing music, and I need to give the Greatest Showman an honourable mention – when it came out at the cinema, I went to see it 13 times!!  

Favourite song: It’s impossible to pick just one! Never Too Much by Luther Vandross, Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones is another favourite, and Tracks of my Tears by Smokey Robinson!

Mastermind specialist subject: Either something to do with maths because I’m a maths grad and a massive maths geek, or Generation One Pokémon. My party trick used to be naming all 151 Generation One Pokémon in order! 

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