Navigating the PR landscape: A sneak peek into 2024 with AI at the helm

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Can you believe its almost 2024? Time sure does fly, and in the world of Public Relations, it’s no different. As we gear up for another exciting year, our intern Beth Moody takes a moment to gaze into the crystal ball and explore some thrilling predictions for PR in 2024, where AI could steal the show.

At Satsuma, we are all for seeking out the new, trendy tools to help drive your business success. AI has certainly been one of the most talked-about innovations of 2023 but it’s possible we could see it become more mainstream in agencies in 2024. So here are some of the most interesting AI options on the horizon and how they could help the world of PR to step it up a notch.

  • Hyper-personalisation takes centre stage

Get ready to bid farewell to generic outreach! In 2024, AI is set to revolutionise PR by enabling hyper-personalised communication. Imagine crafting tailored pitches and messages that resonate on a deeply personal level with your target audience? With the AI algorithms currently being explored, we could actually sift through vast amounts of data, ensuring your outreach hits the right chord with progression.

My thoughts? Could certainly save time – but can robots really replicate the personal connections we hold dear?

  • Chatbots as the PR sidekick

Say hello to your new PR sidekick – the chatbot! In 2024 we could witness the widespread adoption of AI-powered chatbots in PR communication. These virtual assistants won’t just handle mundane queries but will also be adept at engaging in meaningful conversations, freeing up us mere mortals to focus on strategy and relationship-building.

My thoughts? I’d love a little chatbot as my daily buddy – as long as he doesn’t step on my toes.

  • Predictive analytics to redefine strategy

No more relying solely on hindsight; 2024 is all about foresight! AI-driven predictive analytics are set to empower PR teams to anticipate trends, foresee potential issues, and craft proactive strategies. From predicting media trends to analysing sentiment, AI could be the secret weapon in staying ahead of the curve.

My thoughts? Love this one. We are all about data and measuring our successes here at Satsuma. And this would certainly help!

  • Influencer matchmaking

We love an influencer collab at Satsuma. But with AI it’s possible we could forget manually trawling influencer profiles for the best fit. By analysing cast datasets, AI algorithms will be able to identify the perfect influencers for your brand, considering not just reach but also authenticity. Get ready for collaborations that feel like a match made in heaven.

My thoughts? Yeah, baby! Collaborations can really up the anti – particularly with B2C marketing. And if we can get a bit of help to weed out the faces from the flakes, we are all for it.

  • Automates crisis management

In the unpredictable world of business, crises are inevitable. But fear not! AI is stepping into streamline crisis management. With real-time monitoring and analysis, AI tools will help PR teams detect potential crises early, allowing for swift and strategic responses to mitigate damage.

My thoughts? Hmmm I’m not buying it. I think risk management strategies are a great call but crisis situations can be diverse, dangerous and changeable. Our team boasts crisis comms experts who can flex and adapt with a crisis to best protect a businesses’ reputation and I can’t see this being replicated in robot form.

  • AI generated creative content

Creativity knows no bounds, especially when AI joins the party. In 2024, we can expect AI to contribute to content creation, generating compelling narratives and creative pieces. This collaboration between human creativity and AI ingenuity will result in campaigns that stand out n a crowded digital landscape.

My thoughts? It could work to an extent. But if ChatGPT is anything to go by, generated content can be spotted a mile-off when set against the skills of a superb copywriter. It will also lack that personal touch – a bit like the thoughts I have weaved into this blog piece, for example.

In a nutshell

As we wave goodbye to 2023 and eagerly anticipate the PR landscape of 2024, one thing is certain – AI is not just a buzzword: it’s a transformative force.

So, buckle up, PR pros, because the future looks promising, dynamic and AI-powered – if a little robotic in places.

We are ready. Are you?

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