What’s your “one big thing”?

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We all write lists, don’t we? Shopping lists, tasks lists, holiday packing lists, checklists, bucket lists. But what if a list just had one big thing on it? One goal. One singular ambition.

Here our intern Beth Moody explores how we can use PR to achieve your “one big thing” in 2024. And we don’t mean your New Year’s Resolution.

We are all very busy, aren’t we? Daily tasks that keep us productive, calendars full of meetings, colour-coded to-do lists and check boxes that help us “get stuff done”.

But what about big goals? Big aspirations? Even on your most productive days, how often do you focus on those?

Our guess is not much. Because these are the “dream big” ambitions that so easily get put on the back burner as we struggle to keep on top of the daily grind.

So what if we were to ask you – what is your “one big thing”? What would you like to achieve that you just can’t find the time to do? Or lack the expertise to achieve?

We like a client that tells us exactly what they want out of PR. We want to be featured in the Daily Mail. We want to see our Facebook followers double in a month. We want a seat on the sofa of This Morning. We want thought leadership in Forbes.

Sure, like most PR companies we will charge you for our time. Perhaps you are on a four-day a month retainer. Perhaps it’s more like 10. But ultimately, what’s important isn’t how long it’s taken us – it’s what you get for your buck.

We try to set ourselves apart from the competition by focusing less on the time its taken for us to work on your account and more on what has been achieved. Which is the real value here.

Sometimes we over-service (with no extra cost) and sometimes we under-service but the latter is almost always because we have produced something that’s worth so much more than the hours it took to secure.

Why focus on one big thing?

In the ever-evolving landscape post Brexit, pandemic, recession, cost of living crisis, 2024 stands as a pivotal year for businesses.

They need PR strategies that are aligned against their new, unique business goals. And they need support to bolster reputation and win work at a time when the world is generally cutting back.

So we want to propose something a bit different for clients who seek out our support in 2024: we want to know your “one big thing”.

This will then set us up with a goal for the year ahead. Sure, this will include other work alongside this (and some of those lists we talked about) but all the work getting to know your business, understanding what makes you tick, unearthing your stories and curating campaigns to tell them, will be geared up towards ultimately, making the dream a reality.

This has worked well for us with many of our current clients.

Will Aid, a charity will-writing scheme, told us they needed broadcast coverage. We swooped in with a prime-time slot on the Martin Lewis Money Show. The response was overwhelming, causing the website to crash four times as a result of unprecedented traffic. Will Aid has now had its best year on record.

One of our other clients – who works in the field of hydrogen – told us they wanted good quality national media exposure. In the last week alone, we secured interviews in both the Financial Times and Bloomberg.

Another client was seeking membership leads to its organisation. We drummed up a whopping 15 speaker slots in 2023, elevating their industry standing and contributing to the generation of dozens of valuable leads.

It’s a journey

In the collaborative journey towards that “one big thing”, communication is paramount. Our team at Satsuma Group places immense value on open dialogue, idea generation, brainstorming, objectives and KPIs. We work for you – and with you.

We embrace cutting-edge strategies and creative thinking to propel your project to success. Whether it’s a product launch, a brand repositioning, or a corporate milestone, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

At Satsuma, we invite our clients to share their dreams and ambitions with us right from the outset. By understanding the core of your aspirations, we can tailor our efforts to bring that “one big thing” within reach.

In the vast landscape of 2024, let’s embark on a journey that goes beyond the conventional approach to PR. Because, in the end, it’s not just about what we do each month – it’s about the transformative impact we create together.

Are you ready to achieve that “one big thing” in 2024? Let’s make dreams a reality. Share your vision with us and let’s craft a narrative of success that resonates throughout the year.


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