We are a national agency – thanks to remote working

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Remote working has revolutionised the way many businesses operate, especially following Covid. Here, our Digital Marketing Manager Alex Chadderton explores how Satsuma has used it to embrace geographical diversity that has put us on the map – and not just in Suffolk.


We may have started in Suffolk – with a team of just two. But as we rattle towards our second birthday, we now proudly boast a presence – and indeed offices – in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Dorset, West Yorkshire and Norfolk.


How is this sort of growth possible?

Easy really – we let everyone work from home.


Working remotely has not only allowed us to overcome geographical constraints – giving us a diverse and exciting list of clients with businesses across the UK, but it has also enhanced our industry expertise and team wellbeing.


By not insisting we recruit on the doorstep of the HQ (and don’t get me wrong, we are proud of our Suffolk roots), we remove the limitations of geographical boundaries so we can attract and retain the most talented professionals in their respective fields.


This wider-than-usual talent pool has enabled us to create a team with truly expert understanding of different industries, providing our clients with unparalleled expertise.


Moreover, our geographical spread often allows us to be closer to our clients, who are scattered across the UK.


By having team members located throughout the country, we can easily visit clients whenever we need to, nurturing our face-to-face connections and building stronger relationships, no matter the location.


This advantage became evident recently when we were able to conduct several in-person interviews with solicitors spread across country at short notice on behalf of national will-writing scheme Will Aid, one of our latest client wins.


What’s more, each team member here at Satsuma has a directory of local contacts, providing us with an incredibly rich network of resources.


These connections offer valuable insights, media opportunities, and collaborations that give us an edge in our industry.


Our expansive network ensures that we can tap into a wide range of expertise and access a vast pool of opportunities, making us a formidable force in the PR and communications landscape.


Looking beyond the professional benefits, remote working also has a profound impact on the wellbeing of our team members.


By getting rid of lengthy commutes, our team enjoys more freedom and flexibility in managing their time. This freedom allows us to devote more time to activities we love and to spend quality time with our families.


As a result, we have found that our team members experience higher job satisfaction, improved work-life balance, and increased levels of wellbeing.


These positive effects of enhanced wellbeing ripple through our work. With less time wasted in commuting, our team members can fully focus on their tasks, resulting in heightened productivity and creative output.


The ability to recharge and take the time to pursue personal interests translates into a more engaged and motivated workforce, eager to deliver exceptional work for our clients.


Together, we are redefining what it means to thrive in the modern workplace, celebrating the opportunities remote working presents and embracing the extraordinary possibilities it gives us.


Want to join the team? Yeah, of course you do! Drop us a CV to hello@satsumagroup.co.uk and let’s get talking!

Satsuma team map - a map with pins showing where the Satsuma team are based

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