Earning while learning through internships and apprenticeships

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Ready to dive into the wild world of PR where every day feels like a whirlwind of creativity, chaos, and coffee spills? Well strap in because to mark National Apprenticeship Week 2024, our PR intern Beth Moody and our Digital Marketing Apprentice Gemma Kent are here to explain why earning while learning is the roller coaster ride you want to get on!

Internships and apprenticeships are like a crash course in turning coffee runs into strategic caffeine powered manoeuvres.

From crafting press releases that rival a Shakespearean drama to mastering the art of social media strategies that pack a punch, learning on the job in PR is like being handed the keys to the kingdom with a side of “how to keep your desk plant alive 101.”

Skills for life

For Beth, as an intern at Satsuma, the journey of earning while learning has been nothing short of transformative.

She said: “This has not only provided me with hands-on experience but given me access to experienced mentors who are supporting me to improve my skills.

“I am learning everything from crafting compelling press releases to managing social media campaigns and each task is giving me the chance to try something new while being supported by a team of experts.

“As an intern, I’ve been able to contribute meaningfully to projects, not only refining my PR skills but also cultivating a mindset that extends to the broader spectrum of life skills.

“This includes time management, effective communication, and the ability to navigate through ambiguity – all of which are rapidly becoming second nature through this journey.”

Apprenticeships for all

For Gemma, an apprenticeship has allowed her to build up the knowledge and expertise gained from completing a course with the Digital Marketing Institute and then freelancing for eight years as a content creator. At 40-years-old, she’s also proof that apprenticeships are not just for school leavers.

She said: “Despite my background, I felt in need of more experience and support to develop my skills and Satsuma has really provided me with that.

“Adult apprenticeships help to improve the quality and range of opportunities available to you within your career, and you benefit from continuing to learn in a hands-on way.

“You can think of an apprenticeship as a journey – starting as a novice in the role and becoming an expert. As I head to the end of my qualification, I’m now working on some incredible accounts including the amazing national will-writing campaign Will Aid.

“In short, I don’t think age should ever be a barrier to upskilling, retraining and getting the job you want, and it’s been a brilliant decision for me.”

Levelling up

Beth added: “The most brilliant part to both internships and apprenticeships is earning while learning. It’s like levelling up in a video game, but instead of gaining virtual powers, you’re acquiring the ability to handles crises like a ninja and charm clients like a smooth-talking operator.

“I think internships and apprenticeships aren’t just about building your career, they’re about becoming the superhero of your own adventure, armed with skills that’ll make you the talk of the town – or at least the coffee conversations.”

At Satsuma, we look forward to helping more people take their first foray into the world of public relations and marketing. The benefits to the business are as abundant as the benefits to the individual. So if you are looking for a new career path and want to talk to us about opportunities we may have, drop us a line.

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