Content audit

Our content audit service catalogues and analyses all of the content on your website, looking at its performance. 

We will systematically review everything you have published online to reveal your website content’s strengths and weaknesses against your marketing goals and business aims.

It is an excellent planning resource and roadmap for future content creation, and helps provide insight into what needs to be created, updated, rewritten or deleted.

How it works

When we conduct a content audit, there are two key aspects in mind: how will a reader view this, and how will a search engine view this.

We use a range of tools to help us with the latter – and our expert copywriters handle the rest.

The tools show us a number of different things including which areas of your website aren’t properly optimised for search engine purposes – such as lacking meta descriptions or readability or having broken links.

They also help us identify new SEO opportunities to implement on your website such as adding keywords to the headings on your site to give search engines a head start.

The aim is to bring your content up-to-date, improve the rank of your web pages, and make the website you present to readers easy to navigate and free of error. 

In addition, you will receive data-driven insight into the performance of your content, identify areas for content repurposing or updating and identify pieces of content that perform best and can be leveraged in marketing materials. 

But as well as making content well optimised for crawl bots and SERP rankings, we always remember that we are writing for another human being. 

Fundamentally, content needs to engage your audience and provide useful, exciting, informative and reliable information to keep your audience hooked.

So as well as keyword mapping our detailed content audit will enable you to assess how well your content is aligning with what your customers need.

This is where our copywriters kick in – working with our website team to make sure content is concise, compelling and clear as well as optimised

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