Dear reader, unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks, you must have heard the news that the next instalment of Bridgerton season 3 has been unleashed on Netflix today. It’s the talk of the Ton! Here our MD Ellen Widdup looks at the communications and business lessons you can learn from tuning in.

Light on the plot, heavy on smut and loosely historical, this is one of the best – and most popular – hits on a streaming platform. But boy does it make you frustrated. Especially if, like me, you are in the field of communications and brand building. So let’s take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in terms of selling yourself on screen.

Be sociable

The debutantes of the Ton won’t get anywhere with their nuptials if they don’t attend the latest ball, do they? So take a leaf out of their book, get out of your joggers and go and mingle. Join the networking circles, mix with potential customers, get on the guest list for the best business events. You might not meet a life partner, but you may well bag a client or two.

Content is king

Hat’s tipped to Lady Whistledown people. She is the TMZ of the Ton, providing breaking news, and asking difficult questions. Her style is snappy, to the point, sometimes cutting and always entertaining and she leaves her reader wanting more. Your stories, press releases, blogs and social content needs to do the same. Take a feather out of Whistledown’s quill here.

Write for your reader

That’s right, dear reader. Don’t pander to the Queen and you don’t shy away from provocative topics. Get your opinion down on paper and share what you know your audience want to hear. In business this is the stuff that gives them something juicy to take away – your inside stories, your top tips, the scoop on your products and services that make you stand out.

Have difficult conversations

How many times have you shouted at the TV for Penelope to just get on with declaring her undying love for Colin? And let’s not forget Daphne Bridgerton’s anxiety, frustration, and contention that could have been alleviated if the people closest to her embraced difficult conversations about sex. Our advice is to say what’s on your mind and talk about what you can to improve communication, production, morale or whatever. This goes for colleagues as well as clients.

Always accept help

The 9th Viscount Anthony Bridgerton had his work cut out as head of the household following his father’s untimely death, grappling with societal pressures and family responsibilities. Both the first two seasons explore the pressure he feels to maintain family finances and ensure their reputation remains positive in the competitive social scene. He brushes off offers of help and advice, instead choosing to take on all the responsibilities alone. It’s a big mistake in business to do the same. Surround yourself with people you trust and keep talking. Two heads are always better than one.

Be bold

As a masterful content creator, Lady Whistledown reminds us that, ‘she who holds the pen has the power’. Although it is generally unwise for communicators to draw indignation from their most senior stakeholders, you shouldn’t shy away from your brand truths and should always be bold with your ideas. We reckon being disruptive can sometimes make waves in all the right places.

Your five Ws

This is a staple in the world of journalism and copywriting – don’t forget your when, where, why, how and where in your stories. Lady Whistledown is on it every week without fail.

Think body language

Body language speaks a thousand words, especially from those who are fronting your brand. Those who are confident, sell themselves as well as your business. Looking back at the first episode of Bridgerton, Daphne caught the attention of Queen Charlotte because she came into the room and owned it. Do the same every time you are networking. Channel Daphne.

Don’t fit the norm

Eloise Bridgerton, the 5th sibling in the Bridgerton family, is known for her sharp wit, independent spirit and keen interest in intellectual pursuits. She doesn’t always conform to the “norm” and that makes her stand out. Penelope Featherington has also slipped out of the expected in this season as she moves away from her mother and sister’s influence to decide on a new dress sense and way of conducting herself – bagging Colin in the process. In business, standing aside from the crowd and doing the surprising can also get you the attention you crave.

It’s all about human interest

Whistledown’s gossip rag is all about the debutantes and suitors and that’s what makes it sell. The best way to showcase your business is to do the same – highlight the people you work with, the stories behind your brand, the successes of your product or service, the people you make a difference to.

Pick your channels

Whistledown didn’t have much of a choice. Ink and paper was all she had at her disposal. But these days you have a plethora of platforms to choose from the spread your messages. Take the time to research which channels work best for your audience.

Be consistent

Week after week the entire Ton knows when to expect the next rag full of interesting titbits. In fact, it is this level of reliability that enables the Queen to plot Lady Whistledown’s arrest on her way to the printers. So do you do the same? Take social media for example. Are you a sporadic poster or do you commit to at least three tweets a week? Our advice is to keep up momentum and don’t slack off.

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